Lukas Maximilian Hüller


Postproduction by GEORG ZUMBULEV

CONCEPT DEVELOPEMENT of creative & educational (art)projects
Initiator of CHILD OF PLAY artists’s initiative.



Lukas was born in Vienna, Austria where he graduated High School in 1987. In the early 1990s he left Austria to study photography at the National Academy of Visual Arts „de la CAMBRE“ Brussels and he received his Masters of Fine Arts Photography in 1995.

BRUSSELS 1990-2001 period of main influences and lasing friendships – found technical support by the panoptic inventors Lars Larson (+2015) and Michel Dusariez to build a 360 degree panoramic camera (a Larsscan II) in 1994. Followed by massive exploration of panoramic photography by questioning time in photography, leading to staged storytelling photography utilizing the analog panorama to create “frozen” short-film sequences without any digital support.

The peak of this examination disembogued as an intense collaboration with Belgian actor Etienne Tombeux (+2007) to translate “the seven deadly sins” historic painting by Hieronymus Bosch into time-relevant but provocative, panoramic storyboards (still analog) – the project took several years to realize (2002 to 2007) and found international recognition in the art world.

„Questioning themes by utilizing photographical means to create illusionary moments & picture stories are establishing since my concepts and projects.“


REAL STAGING PHOTOGRAPHY is establishing Lukas‘ photographical style in his artistic & commercial approaches.

The artistic experience of complex analog photo settings made Lukas a kind of pioneer in GIGAPIXEL-PHOTOGRAPHY involving large numbers of humans and like this exploring the possibilities of digital visual stagings since…

INFLUENCES of historic painters such as Pieter Bruegel and Hieronymus Bosch, or filmmaker Peter Greenaway, photographer Gregory Crewdson, actor / director Paulus Manker and the british musician Martyn Jaques (The Tiger Lillies) stay relevant for Lukas staged photographic work.  But also do his active collaborations with other artists and visionary people of different domains, which make these projects and initiatives possible and growing.

STAGED FAMILY – Your Family, a Piece of Art is a contemporary photographical answer to ancient commissioned portraiture paintings.

„Our projects are based on real-life-people co-operations relying on the power of visuals and the importance of creative and cultural education for children and youth.“


of creative & educational (art)projects –

CHILD OF PLAY artist’s initiative.

The visual interpretation of the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with the youth of a township school near Johannesburg in 2009/10, was not only a criticism towards the United Nations ignorance to the power of the image (what the catholic church successful demonstrated contrariwise over hundreds of years) to create awareness and to reach (young) generations – it logically became the point of departure for various developments of educational art projects and their use to visualize awareness.

Lukas is initiator and creative director of the artist’s initiative “CHILD OF PLAY”.
This concepts and projects are used for educational programmes and values campaigns and are exhibited and presented internationally as being awarded on an international level.


Lukas co-initiated support projects for young Austrian photography at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and lead photographic workshops at the University for Art and Design Linz, Austria.

Exhibitions & Presentations



2018 International Color Awards for Photography / Los Angeles, USA – Nominee Awards in 4 categories Kulturnidom Cultural Centre / Carinthia, Austria

2017 Künstlerhaus Klagenfurt, Austria ∗ Werner Berg Museum Bleiburg, Austria within „Kind“ exhibition by Gottfried Helnwein ∗ Meeting Austrian artist Gottfried HELNWEIN and staging „G. Helnwein & the children of Bleiburg“ in cooperation with the Werner Berg Museum Bleiburg, Austria ∗ „NEULAND“ project, public staging in cooperation with Bubbledays Festival Linz, Austria ∗ LICC London International Creative Competition 16 / Finalist & Short List ∗ Nick Treadwell Gallery, Vienna ∗ The OPEC Fund for International Developement, Vienna

2016 Nick Treadwell Gallery, Vienna ∗ Equal Dreams / The OPEC Fund for International Developement, Vienna, Austria ∗ Stadtfest Düsseldorf / SOS Children Villages worldwide, Germany’s largest Puzzle

2015 Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France, „Let the Children Play“ ∗ Museum Münze, Hall in Tirol, Austria, „Das Recht ein Kind zu sein“

2014 IPA International Photo Awards, USA/global, 3rd place winner “moving images” ∗ Lucie Awards, Carnegie Hall, New York, USA ∗ Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland ∗ Kunstforum Wien, Vienna, Austria ∗ European Forum Alpbach, Austria ∗ Centre Culturelle LE BRASS, Brussels, Belgium ∗ Animated short film LET THE CHILDREN OF SYRIA GROW HOPE official UNHCR spot at the Film Festival Cannes, France ∗Gallery Raum & Licht, Vienna, Austria

2013 BAWAG P.S.K. Contemporary, Vienna, Austria ∗ Tabakfabrik Linz / Treadwell Gallery, Linz, Austria ∗ Czech Annual Photo Awards, 2nd Prize for Motions, Winners Exhibition Prague & Teplice, Czech Republic ∗ Nomination International Master Cup Colour Photography, Los Angeles, USA

2012 International Photo Award IPA, Los Angeles USA ∗ Olympic Games London Africa Village, GB ∗ Olympic Games London Libya House, GB ∗ Palais Niederösterreich, Vienna, Austria ∗ IOC / UNESCO 8thWorld Conference for Youth and Culture, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2011 Washington DC Photo week USA ∗ City Hall Prague, Annual Photo Award ∗ Teplice outdoor Annual Photo Award Exhibit CZ ∗ United Nations Geneva, Council for Human Rights, Switzerland ∗ Haus der Fotografie, Burghausen, Germany

2010 MuseumsQuartier Vienna thehumanrightsproject ∗ Brussels European Quarter thehumanrightsproject ∗ Galerie Caprice Horn Berlin ∗ Galerie Kro Art, Vienna, Austria ∗ Galerie Bäckerstrasse, Vienna, Austria ∗ Artdepot Innsbruck, Austria

2009 Andy Warhol Museum Pittsburgh USA, group show ∗ National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest, group show ∗ Museum for Modern Art Klagenfurt “the human rights project” ∗ Auction by Sotheby’s at the Museum of History of Art Vienna, Austria ∗ Lifeball Vienna, City Hall Vienna, Installation, Austria

2008 Lianzhou International Photo Festival, China ∗ LIPF08 travelling exhibition in Guangzhou / Beijing, China

2007 Photomuseum Antwerpen, Belgium ∗ Museumsquater Vienna, Austria ∗ FotoArtFestival Bielsko-Biala, Poland ∗ Qanat Al Qasba Cultural Center, Emirates

2006 Vienna Biennale ∗ Month of Photography Berlin ∗ Sawy Center Cairo, Egypt ∗ Assiut University, Egypt ∗El Hussein Place, Cairo, Egypt

2005 Hofbug Vienna, Austria ∗ Schloss Porcia, Arkadenhof, Spittal, Austria

2004 Künstlerhaus Wien, Austria ∗ Kunsthalle Leoben, Austria

2003 Galerie Westlicht, Vienna, Austria

2002 Galerie Wanda Michalak, Amsterdam

2001 Teatro National de Cuba, Havana, Cuba ∗ Vienna City Hall, Austria

2000 La Chataigneraie, Centre Wallon d ́Art Contemporain, Belgium ∗ Le Botanique, within Brussels 2000 Cultural Capital, Brussels ∗ Galerie Le Révèbere 2, Lyon, France ∗ Crac, Valence, France ∗ Centre Culturel de Chenée, Liège, Belgium

1999 EWZ, Zürich, Switzerland ∗ Belgica, Antwerpen, Belgium

1998 EXPO 98, Weltausstellung Lisboa, Austria-pavilion, Portugal ∗ Photokina Kodak Award, Cologne, Germany

1997 Musée de la Photographie, Charleroi, Belgium ∗ Musée de l‘Art Wallon, Biennale de la photographie et des arts visuels, Belgium ∗Polaris, Brussels, Belgium ∗ Plan K, Brussels, Belgium

1996 Galerie Faber, Vienna, Austria ∗ Galerie Fotohof, Salzburg, Austria ∗ Austrian Cultural Institute New York, USA

1995 Emerson Atrium Gallery, Virginia, USA ∗ Polaris, Brussels, Belgium

1994 CSU Art Gallery, Institute for Art, Cleveland Ohio, USA ∗ Fotogalerie Wien, Vienna, Austria ∗ Galerie Theoremes, Brussels, Belgium

1993 Musée de la Photographie, Charleroi, Belgium